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Advanced Research and Education

Advanced Research and Education 3D Printing

Revealing New Horizons

Technology to Facilitate Real Research

While many may still consider 3D printing technology as a new and developing one, what good is a technology that stops evolving? That fact is 3D printing has come a long way ever since it was first made possible. Its application is now enabling researchers to take their work to the next level. There are possibilities that weren’t there before. The digital printing brings a new edge with its ability to offer 100 percent accuracy and precision. All these factors have played a significant role in making 3D printing an important part of the advanced research and education projects.

The usage of 3D technology is not just limited to engineering based research, it also used in elementary level education. Moreover, medical researcher has found a new level of freedom through various applications of high tech 3D printing. One of the most recent usages of 3D prints was introduced by an archeological research team that used it to create 3D models of various artifacts in their original form.

So there is literally no end to the number of doors that 3D print technology is bound to open for the research and education industry. In fact, every single door will open a few more and we can expect an expedited chain reaction of research and development in various sectors.

The 3D Advantage

The more advanced the digital printing technology gets, the better boast it offers to research and growth in other industries. Some of the most obvious advantages it offers to the research and education institutes are mentioned below:


  • New Possibilities- Prior to the advent of 3D printing, there was a huge void in the area of research. There were a lot of goals scientist were unable to achieve because they didn’t have the technology to support the research. Today, things have changed. 3D printing can create all that was ever missing and that with pin point precision.
  • Accuracy and Precision- Speaking of precision 3D printing offers accuracy and precision that works specially in favor of research projects where a single micron can make a huge difference. It is now possible to create exact replicas of various organs or functional mechanical parts to study them better.
  • Cost Cutting- 3D printing not only introduced new possibilities, it has also improved on areas that were pretty much covered already. Cost is the major element significantly affected by 3D printing. With digital prints it is now possible to use cheaper material without compromising the quality -
  • Better Learning- Teaching with the help of models enhances the learning experience by engaging more senses than a typical lecture or presentation. The models created with CAD are closer to the actual thing. They can even function and perform like an actual part, and hence students get a better hang of the topic.


CAD PRINT WAX - Adding Quality to the Process

Although 3D printing is advanced technologies with unlimited applications and possibilities, one thing that is highly important is quality. As industry leaders, we understand the difference in qualities of material and technology, and also how it affects the outcome. We understand how to align that quality not just with your needs but also your cost constraints. We further maximize the value by making sure the 3D models are created with eco-friendly material and are precise to the last micron.

Moreover, you can rely on CAD PRINT WAX for professional level CAD printing delivered within the promised time. For more information, give us a call.