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Automotive 3D Printing

Driving Towards Futuristic Dimensions

Keeping Up with the Fast Paced Industry

While many industries are still gauging the pros and cons of 3D printing, the automobile industry has already come a long way. Huge names such as Ford Motors are now creating cars heavily dependent on digital painting. The technology is used in almost every phase of production starting from the prototypes. 3D printed prototypes tend to be more accurate as compared to traditional prototypes. Other manufacturers who haven’t incorporated the technology on their production are using digital printing for the purpose of testing ergonomics and response of various parts.

By the end of 2014, Local Motor had already put a new spin in the revolution by extending the use of 3D printing for creating the chassis and body of their car. The results were astonishing. By the looks of it, it can be deduced that the only direction the industry is moving with 3D printing is forward. If you fail to keep up the pace, you will lose the competitive edge.

The 3D Advantage

There is a reason an industry as huge as the automobile industry is embracing a new technology with open arms. The technology has more benefits than one can imagine. A few worth mentioning advantages are as follows:


CAD PRINT WAX - Adding Edge to the Advantage

While the list of pros is almost never ending, only a good 3D printing service provider can help you reap the maximum benefits out of this technology. As experts who are dedicated to helping the industry flourish, develop, and grow, we go an extra mile to ensure quality and value.

Our engineers use their expertise and the best technology to deliver the best solution. The value we promise is further enhanced by our commitment to eco friendly practices. We use material that is low cost, high quality, and guarantees a minimum carbon footprint.

However, one of the biggest distinguishing factors of our service is the way we care for our customers. Our team is always ready to help you understand how you can improve function, productivity, and profitability with 3D printing. Contact us and learn more from our experts.

  • Unlimited Prototypes - Since 3D prototypes are faster and cheaper to make, you can create unlimited prototypes and include as many improvements as you deem necessary. The higher number of prototypes means the final product will be more spot on and free of flaws.
  • Covering Every Phase - Once past the prototyping stage, you can rely on the 3D technology on every stage of production. There are many manufacturers who are now replacing the CNC milled parts by 3D printed plastic parts.
  • Better Performance - The CAD printed parts are more accurate and precise than those created through other methods. That is one of the reasons those parts are bound to perform much better and right as they are designed to.
  • Quality and Testing - 3D printing is currently heavily used in the testing and quality assurance phase for automobile parts and prototype.
3D printing has many practical applications but perhaps its most exciting and innovative use has been in the automotive industry. And we can help you make the most of it with our automotive 3D printing services so you can create and replace obsolete or hard-to-find spare parts with convenience. Get innovative and inspire your inner engineer with these 3D services!