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Why Cadprintwax

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Why Cadprintwax

The Process

CADPrintWax is a market leader in 3D wax printing that provides high quality printing services to various sectors, such as jewelry, dentistry, etc.

The process is very simple with our user friendly ordering platform.

  1. Upload 3DM or STL file for the design to be printed.
  2. Receive the free estimate.
    • a.  Review and approve the preview of the design.
    • b.  Update the quantity to be printed (if applicable).
  3. Upload the other files (if applicable) and repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Select shipping method.
  5. Verify the order.
  6. Make the payment and place the order.

At CADPrintWax, we focus on our clients’ needs and their information security. Files and personal information will never be shared with any other company and only the experts handling the project will have access to the information.

New Technology

CADPrintWax produces mirror standard 3D prints in a relatively short time with outstanding precision and micro-detail, utilizing high end, innovative technology. This new 3D printing technology saves the end user significant amount time while providing high quality results.

The 3DM or STL file obtained from the customer is processed by software that converts the model into a series of thin layers and produces a code file. Then the printer follows the codes to set down layers of wax to build the 3D wax model. The main advantage of this printing technology is that almost any shape or form can be modeled. The 3D printing of micro-detail patterns with superior surface quality and extreme fine detail is most beneficial for jewelry and dental applications, as well as other sectors that require detailed modeling as listed below:

  • • Jewelry
  • • Figurines
  • • Action Figures
  • • Miniature Parts
  • • Dental Parts
  • • Medical Instruments and Devices
  • • Mechanical Parts
  • • Collectables
  • • And many more designs that need a wax model