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Toys and Miniatures

Toys and Miniature 3D Printing

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Toys may cater to kids mostly, but it is a multimillion dollar industry. The manufacturers are busy finding ways to cut down the cost and improve the process. That is one of the reasons, the industry is quickly moving towards the 3D printing technology shunning old and costly manufacturing techniques. The technology has opened doors to new ideas that weren’t possible before. The companies that have chosen 3D printing claim around 400 percent growth in production.

Not only has digital printing revolutionized the toy industry, the industry itself has the technology expands its application. When it comes to creative usage of 3D printing technology, the toy and miniature industry stands as the leading force. A prime example of how the toy industry can use 3D printing is set by Hasbro. The toy making giants now allow customers to choose their own color for the toys. They are also using 3D printing to make miniature action figures of their customers.

The 3D Advantage

While the possibilities are unlimited, there are many benefits that can be reaped by anyone ranging from individual toy designers to smaller companies that are starting out in the industry. Some of the major advantages of 3D printing for the toy industry include:


  • Higher Quality- There are a number of materials used for 3D printing. The list is ever increasing and improving. The quality of material is a lot better and well-known names such as CAD PRINTWAX always ensure the most eco-friendly material that is also safe for kids.
  • Better Customization - Just like Hasbro did, it is now possible to offer your customers amazing customization options without exceeding the budget. You will be creating an unlimited number of unique products without spending excessive time or money.
  • Improved Productivity- 3D printing takes more production time than usual toy modeling techniques. Toy models are traditionally made by hand and might take days, weeks and even months to reach their final form.
  • Attention to Details- While there is no limit to how precise models human hands can create, more details do require more time and better tools. With 3D printing same details and precision can be achieved without excessive efforts.
  • Lower Cost - When it comes to designing toys with details, 3D printed models lower cost without compromising quality. There is less wastage and all the material is properly utilized to achieve accuracy and precision.


CAD PRINT WAX - Playing a Serious Role

As one of the leading 3D printing giants, we work closely with the toy and miniature modeling industry. With high tech equipment and eco-friendly material, we are taking the quality of digital printing to a whole new height. We are proud to be one of the few companies who are able to guarantee the usage of green material for this purpose.

Our quality comes not just from the technology, but also from our team that hold superior expertise in their respective areas. From CAD output service to rapid prototyping and plastic molding, we cover every area related to toy modeling.

We cater to all kinds and types of business ranging from small startups and bigger brands. Give us a call to learn more about the technology and services that set us apart.