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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods 3D Printing

Adding a Competitive Edge

Technology that Maximizes Human Potential

Sports put human capabilities, strength and potential to the test. While athletes need to hone their bodies accordingly, they also use gear and equipment to help them up the ante on their performance. From shoes to gloves, everything is engineered to help athletes perform their best. There is lot of design engineering and thorough processes behind every piece, and 3D modeling has played a vital role in making it easier and better in every aspect.

In recent years, 3D printing technology has been used for creating plastic prototypes of sporting goods and equipment. These prototypes help in testing the fit, form, and ergonomics, along with its performance. Some bigger brands are actually using the technology to print the actual product for the athletes. For instance, Nike introduced a completely digital printed set of sports bag and shoes for major athletes of FIFA 2014. Lightweight, breathable, and ergonomical - these products are the epitome of performance and comfort.

The 3D Advantage

As one of the leading names in 3D prototyping industry, we believe that the technology should not be limited to bigger brands. We see a broad scope for smaller businesses and we can help them reap the real benefit without investing in the machines and equipment. Some of the advantages that make 3D printing highly profitable option for sporting goods manufacturers are.

  • Better Testing- With 3D printing technology, it is now possible to make functional prototypes that can be tested on various levels. From form to fit, everything can be gauged accurately. The cost of 3D prototype is lower and precision is simply out of this world.
  • Custom Fit- Just like Nike did, you too can give your customers an opportunity to get custom made gear created for a comfortable experience and perfect performance.
  • Breathable Material- Advanced 3D printing brings the advantage of creating highly smart material made from a fine mesh that allows air passage. The breathable and flexible material enhances comfort and movement.
  • Smarter Designs - One of the biggest dilemmas of sports good designers was the lack of technology to support their superior and smart designs. 3D printing is changing the whole landscape by allowing more attention to detail.

CAD PRINT WAX - Meeting Your Professional Goals

Whether you are an athlete looking for a customized sporting gear or a manufacturer who needs to incorporate the 3D edge without investing in the equipment, CAD PRINT WAX is your best bet. For years we have been serving the industry with quality and commitment. We use only the highest quality material made better through technology built for performance.

What truly sets us apart is our team of professionals who boast years of experience and expertise. From CAD prototyping to the creation of the final product, our experts promise perfection at every stage. Give us a ring and let our experts help you understand how 3D printing can help you reach new heights of sports performance.